'The Street Story' ultimate street photography competition

  1. What is The Street Story?
  2. The street story is an online photography competition organised by MeriDeewar for all street photographers.
  3. What is the theme for this competition?
  4. The theme for the competition is a story captured in a photograph on streets.
  5. How do I participate in this competition?
      1. Click the pictures related to the theme.
      2. Post the picture online on Facebook or Instagram.
      3. Tag the post using #merideewar
  6. How will my photographs reach out to the organisers? 
  7. For your photos to reach out to us at MeriDeewar.com, you need to tag us using the above-mentioned hashtags, #merideewar. So that, we can search/find your photos.
  8. What in case Participant having PRIVATE Instagram account?
  9. In that case, the Participants will have to post their photo with hashtag #MeriDeewar on facebook with public privacy setting.
  10. Who can participate in the competition?
  11. This competition is open to all. Anyone who resides in India with an interest in street photography can participate in the competition.
  12. Do I have to do any kind of registration to participate?
  13. No. The participant directly follows the above-given steps to be a part of this competition. There is no specific registration portal for this competition.
  14. Is there any registration fee for this competition?
  15. No. the entry for this competition is absolutely free.
  16. Who will be the jury for the competition?
  17. Participants photograph will be curated by renowned Street photographer, Swapnil Jedhe, The MSPF Award winner at Miami Street Photography Festival.
  18. Can I submit photos which have been clicked previously?
  19. Yes. Participants may upload their old pictures for the competition. Please make sure that the hashtag #MeriDeewar is the present in the info/title section. So that, we can search and reach your picture.
  20. Can I edit my photos before uploading them to the social media?
  21. Yes. Basic photo editing like exposure, colours, sharpness setting is allowed but photo manipulation is strictly prohibited.
  22. Is it compulsory to use any specific gadget for clicking the picture?
  23. NO, there are no restrictions. Use any device mobile, DSLR, film camera, mirrorless etc.
  24. How many entries can I submit?
  25. This is completely the choice of the participant. There is no specific limit to send the entries.
  26. Till when can participant submit/upload photos?
  27. The entries will be accepted till 15th March 2018
  28. When will be the winners get announced and how?
  29. The winners will be announced on 6th April 2018
  30. What is the Prize for the winners?
  31. The prizes for each of them has been given below
                            1st prize :
                                • One24X16 inch wrapped canvas of the shot captured.
                                • Four A4 size posters
                                • One A4 size canvas print of Swapnil Jedhe’s photography with his autograph.
                                • One MeriDeewar mug
                                • One Certificate
                            2nd prize:
                                • 18x12 inch wrapped canvas of the shot captured
                                • Four A4 size posters
                                • One A4 size canvas print of Swapnil Jedhe’s photography with his autograph
                                • One MeriDeewar mug
                                • Certificate
                            3rd prize:
                                • One 12x8 inch wrapped canvas of the photo captured.
                                • Four A4 size posters
                                • One A4 size canvas print of Swapnil Jedhe’s photography with his autograph
                                • One MeriDeewar mug
                                • One Certificate
                            For any other query regarding competition please reach out us at contact@merideewar.com

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